07 January,2011

    National Workshop

    National Workshop

    August 19–21, 2010

    Venue: Radhakrishnan Hall,

    Vidyasagar University

    Suggested Topic: Approaches to and Strategies of Translating Dalit Literature

    Themes and Issues:

    • The role of translation in the empowerment of Dalit writing: in what ways do Indian Dalit writers

    negotiate between languages and cultures?

    • How can one write a national Dalit literature in a regional language? How is this aspiration given

    expression through narrative techniques, linguistic experiments and thematic choices?

    • Gender and translation: how does the concept of gender change when translating “regional” language Dalit

    narratives into English?

    • The role of English-language publishing in promoting translation of Dalit narratives from Indian

    languages; but does it perhaps limit translations between Indian languages?

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