Snaps taken during various seminars , workshops and field trips are displayed for providing a profile of DRS activities throughout the year.
Select video clips are displayed to provide the viewers with our various research projects and also to provide authentic images of the tribals and committed research in this area.

    The ? HO/KOL? tribe ?found in the JHARKHAND, ORISSA ,BIHAR and WEST BENGAL ? are losing their identity to a greater extent . We, the students of VIDYASAGAR UNIVERSITY { ENGLISH DEPARTMENT } got a special chance to acquaint ourselves with their culture through a trip organized by our university to BAKAKUL,BHAWANIPUR gram panchayat 1 ,DEBRA, PASCHIM MEDINIPUR,WEST BENGAL on 21st JUNE,2010. I would like to bring forth the common aspects of their culture and society in this report.

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  • National Workshop
    August 19 - 21, 2010
    Venue: Radhakrishnan Hall,
    Vidyasagar University

    Suggested Topic: Approaches to and Strategies of Translating Dalit Literature
    Themes and Issues:
    • The role of translation in the empowerment of Dalit writing: in what ways do Indian Dalit writers
    negotiate between languages and cultures?
    • How can one write a national Dalit literature in a regional language? How is this aspiration given
    expression through narrative techniques, linguistic experiments and thematic choices?

    • Gender and translation: how does the concept of gender change when translating “regional” language Dalit

    narratives into English?

    • The role of English-language publishing in promoting translation of Dalit narratives from Indian
    languages; but does it perhaps limit translations between Indian languages?

  • PROGRAMME SCHEDULE Department of English Vidyasagar University Midnapore-721101 West Bengal UGC SAP-III, DRS-I Sponsored National Seminar TRANSLATION OF DALIT LITERATURE: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS Date: March 23 & 24, 2010 Time: 10 am onwards Venue: B.C.Mukherjee Hall Day 1: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 10.00 am- 10.30 am: Registration 10.30 am- 11.15 am: Inaugural Session

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